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Spring Core 

Gain hands-on experience with the major features of the Spring Framework and Spring Boot to start building enterprise and microservices applications. After this course, you will have all the knowledge you need to start creating applications with Spring yourself!

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Technical coaching

Do you love to share your technical knowledge with others? Then this training suits you perfectly! You’ll learn how to organise your knowledge sharing sessions in an effective way. You’ll also receive practical tools, tips and tricks you’ll be able to apply right away.

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Architecting on AWS

If you want to gain an understanding of AWS Architecting, then this is the training you need. In this course, you will learn to identify services and features to build resilient, secure and highly available IT solutions on the AWS Cloud.

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We focus on what

Personal approach.

You won’t feel like a number when you do business with us! We deliberately keep our team rather small, so don’t worry - you won’t get stuck in endless loops of people referring you to someone else. We also apply an agile mindset, so we can respond to your questions quickly and adequately.

Focus on innovative technologies.

We don’t have outdated technologies in our training offer, because who wants to spend time on that, anyway? We focus on newer, innovative technologies only. AI, DL, Quantum Computing, Spring Framework or AWS: we’ve got you covered! Check out all available training topics in the training section.

Soft skills an IT professional actually wants to have.

IT people don’t fancy soft skills training, we know that. A basic communication training probably won’t spark your interest - you’ve most likely already done at least one of those as mandatory company training. We offer soft skills training on topics that will actually help you grow as an IT professional. Check out all available soft skills training courses in the training section!

Not your usual teachers.

Unlike many other training centres, we don’t have any teachers on our payroll. And no, team The Campus doesn’t teach any courses either (yikes!). All our trainers are experienced IT professionals, and they are still active in the field as IT consultants. In other words: they know what they’re talking about. They love nothing more than sharing their experiences with their trainees.

Custom training for your organisation.

In some very rare cases (😉), our training offer might not contain a training that suits your organisation’s needs. In that case, we can offer customised training. As part of The Cronos Group​, we can rely on an extensive network of experts to develop a course or training trajectory based on your needs. No technology or subject is too crazy for us! Contact us to learn more about the possibilities. 

Located in, but not limited to Belgium.

The Campus’ headquarters are located in Belgium, but we don’t limit ourselves to our country. Our trainers will gladly travel towards you for in-company training if desired! Next to classroom training, we also offer live online training, which you can attend from anywhere in the world. To prevent sleep deprivation, please keep in mind that our training courses are organised in the Central European Time zone. 

What people say about The Campus.

We can tell you about how awesome we are, but bragging about ourselves probably won’t make you believe us. 
So instead, we’ll let other people do the bragging for us!

“As we were looking for AWS training, I eventually came into contact with Joy Buelens. We discussed what would be the best course of action to organise an AWS training for our employees. Joy was very helpful. Now the training has been completed, everyone within our company has obtained at least one AWS certification. I can only encourage that! We’re very happy with these results. We certainly recommend the AWS training courses organised by The Campus.”

Patrick Van Ingelgem • Managing Partner at b.ignited

“As we were not very happy with the Spring Core training we were currently offering our employees, I started looking for an alternative. I stumbled upon The Campus and decided to enrol a couple of colleagues by means of a ‘pilot’. They were all very enthusiastic, so I contacted The Campus to discuss possibilities to offer this course to our other employees as well. My first contact with The Campus was very pleasant, communication was clear and went smoothly. Managing Partner Joy was immediately willing to plan a meeting where we could explain what we needed, and where she could explain how The Campus could help. What I found very pleasant was the fact that Joy was actively thinking with us on how to handle practical details.”

Tim van Hardeveld • Tech Onboarding & Training Lead at

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