Working with AI: the Foundation of Linear Algebra


1 day


Artifical intelligence is on the rise. It has quickly turned into one of the central domains in software development. But the barrier to entry is high: good math skills are required. In this course, we introduce you to the foundations of linear algebra: vectors, matrices, and eigenvalues. You will learn what they are and how they are used in natural language processing, data science, and neural networks. We will get our hands dirty by implementing a simple tool for exploring word vectors, to help computers understand human language.


  • In order to participate in the examples, it can be an asset if you have some programming experience in python. However, even without any python background, you will be able to follow the examples in detail.

  • You don't need a lot of background in mathematics. Just the basics of high-school algebra should be enough.

  • This course requires you to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). In order to implement the exmaples, please install a recent Python environment. We are going to use the GenSim library, so it would be great if you can install it in advance (

Course Content

  • Linear algebra use in AI;

  • Vectors, coordinates, and dimensions;

  • Operations on vectors: addition, multiplication;

  • Norms, distances, and similarity: how close are two things to each other;

  • Linear transformations, matrices, and solving equations;

  • Eigenvalues and singular values: finding the most typical components in your data;

  • Brief introduction to tensors;

  • Clustering your data with linear regression;

  • A running example: word vector embeddings, to help computers understand human languages.

Meet the trainer

Koen Van Damme.jpg

Koen Van Damme

“I've always loved creating software, but I also discovered I have a knack for technical communication. Right from the start of my career, now over 20 years ago, I always enjoyed writing articles, giving demos, and teaching. I try to pack my courses full of knowledge, to give you the maximum return for your time. I combine a structured overview with deep details. I hope to see you soon!”


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Upon your request we can organize this training for you.