Book 2 courses and get 50% off the second training, or bring a colleague at a 50% discount. Use promo code SUMMER21 during checkout to claim your discount!

Summer is a rather quiet period for most of us. So we thought, why not use this time to learn something new? Have you always wanted to learn about Kubernetes, Azure, Quantum Computing or Deep learning, but never found the time? Now is your chance! 

The training courses included in our summer promotion are all introduction courses. Because these courses are all introductions, they’re a bit shorter (from half a day up to maximum 2 days), but certainly not less valuable! All courses are taught by real IT experts with experience in the field. The summer courses are great to discover new technologies, learn the basics, and find out whether these technologies can be useful for your business or career.

As an extra encouragement, we offer an exclusive promotion for all summer courses! Either you book a second course at a 50% discount (discount will be applied to the course with the lowest price), or you bring a colleague who gets 50% off the training price. But there’s more: all summer courses are classroom training courses, and if the government measures against the coronavirus allow it, we will end every training with a small reception. What’s better than ending the day with a nice cold drink, some snacks, and a chat with the people you met during the training?

Enroll asap, because this promotion is only valid up to June 21, 2021. Use promo code SUMMER21 during the enrollment process to claim your discount. Discover the available summer courses below!

Summer Promotion Courses
Technical Coaching

This coaching trajectory supports technical profiles with their first steps in the world of training and coaching, and this in a pragmatic way. The goal is to give them the tools they need to transfer their technical knowledge to young professionals.

Course date: July 1-2, 2021

Getting Started with Kubernetes

This course is aimed at everybody (both developers and those with operations background) who wants to get started with Kubernetes.

Course date: July 8, 2021

Introduction to Azure Infrastructure as a Service

This course is intended for everyone with an interest in Microsoft Azure. The focus is on IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service: compute (virtual machines), networking, and storage.

Course date: July 13, 2021

Introduction to Quantum Computing

In this course, we will introduce you to the weird and wonderful world of Quantum and teach you everything you need to know about where and when quantum computers might be used in your business.

Course date: July 19, 2021

Introduction to Data Science and Big Data

This course is intended for everyone with an interest in Big Data and Data Science. What are the differences between the two, what are the most-used tools out there, and how do you integrate these new tools and technologies in your existing workflow.

Course date: July 26, 2021

Deep Learning - Vision

During this training, we keep our heads in the cloud and our feet on the ground. With a practical rather than theoretical approach, we will cover just enough theory to get you started and focus on ways to be productive. 

Course date: July 28, 2021

A practical introduction to functional programming

This course aims to introduce you to functional programming in a practical setting. It will introduce concepts with real-world examples and give some hands-on experience to explore the potential of functional programming at first hand.

Course date: August 4, 2021

Building an AI intuition: An Intuitive approach to exploring the possibilities with AI

This course is intended for everyone who wants to get started on seeing where useful AI applications can be built. It’s about understanding how AI relates to what we know & do today and use that to come up with your own digital workers.

Course date: August 12, 2021

Getting started with Azure Kubernetes Service

This course is for everyone who wishes to get started with containers and Kubernetes on the Azure platform. You will learn the basics of containers and the different options to deploy containers with Azure services such as Azure Web Apps, Azure Container Instances and specifically, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).

Course date: August 17-18, 2021

Developing Spring Boot Apps for Kubernetes

In this training, we will bring both worlds together so that you as a Spring (boot) developer can take ownership of your code from development to production. We will look at some best practices/patterns on how to containerize your Spring Boot application & run it on a Kubernetes cluster.

Course date: August 24-25, 2021

ITIL4 Awareness

This one-day course provides an overview of the ITIL® service management framework. The aim of this course is to create an understanding into how IT organisations can align their services, processes, people and technology with their business strategy and customer needs.

Course date: August 26, 2021

Quantum Computing Programming with Qiskit

Feel like you’ve got a decent grasp on the fundamentals of quantum computing and eager to start working with real life quantum computers? In this course, you will be introduced to the basics of quantum programming, including running a program on an actual supercomputer!

Course date: August 30, 2021

Summer promotion FAQ
Why does The Campus have a summer promotion?

Summer time is usually a rather quiet period for most companies. An ideal time to broaden your horizons and learn about new technologies! Our summer promotion contains shorter training courses (from ½ day up to 2 days) which will introduce you to certain technologies. The fact that you can bring a colleague or book a second training at 50% discount only makes it more interesting to attend a course during summer, don’t you think?

To which training courses does this promotion apply?

This promotion only applies to the training courses mentioned on this page, and only applies to training dates in July and August, 2021. This promotion does not apply to any other training courses on our website, or to any dates outside of July and August, 2021. This promotion is valid up to June 21, 2021.

I want to enroll for a training course with 2 colleagues, so there’s 3 of us in total. What is the discount we receive?

The promotion works according to a 1 + 1 formula. This means that the first person pays the full training price, allowing the second person to get 50% off the training price. The third person will have to pay the full training price again.

I want to enroll for 5 training courses. What is the discount I receive?

The promotion works according to a 1 + 1 formula. Booking 5 courses means that you will get the 50% discount two times. You will pay full price for 2 training courses, and get 50% off on the 2 training courses with the lowest prices. You will have to pay full price for the fifth training course.

Can I enroll for a training course with a friend, or does this promotion apply to colleagues only?

This promotion is also applicable when you bring a friend instead of a colleague. Since this promotion works according to a 1 + 1 formula, we can only send one invoice, though. Tell your friend about this in advance and make good arrangements with them. (Who is going to receive the invoice? How are we going to pay?)