Spring Core training by The Campus

Gain hands-on experience with Spring and Spring Boot’s major features under the guidance of an experienced certified instructor. The Spring Core training gives you a solid foundation to start creating enterprise and cloud-ready applications with the Spring Framework. 🚀

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Is the Spring Core training suited for me?

You can join this training when:

  • You have no prior experience with Spring, but you’re looking to gain a solid grasp of the framework so you can actually start building stuff with Spring.
  • When you already have some experience with Spring, but you want to deepen your knowledge and gain new insights in how to work with the framework.

Please note that even though this training is suitable for beginners, the course assumes you already have some developer experience with Java, an IDE (Eclipse, STS or IntelliJ) and build tools such as Maven or Gradle.

What you learn during the Spring Core training

  • Spring configuration using Java Configuration and Annotations

  • Aspect oriented programming with Spring
  • Testing Spring applications using JUnit 5
  • Spring Data Access - JDBC, JPA and Spring Data
  • Spring Transaction Management
  • Application development with Spring Boot
  • Spring Boot auto-configuration, starters and properties
  • Build a simple REST application using Spring Boot, embedded Web Server and fat JARs or classic WARs
  • Implementing REST client applications using RestTemplate
  • Utilise Spring Boot enhancements to testing
  • Spring Security
  • Enable and extend metrics and monitoring capabilities using Spring Boot actuator

Spring Core training taught by experienced trainers

We currently have 6 experienced VMware Certified Instructors available who teach Spring Core training courses. But did you know that our trainers are not full-time teachers?

Our trainers are IT consultants who work with Java and Spring on a daily basis, and encounter certain challenges while doing so. Their work experience allows them to give our students real-life examples and practical tips and tricks. They love to share their insights with our students!

All trainers at The Campus are passionate IT professionals who have expertise in their field of work, and are also seasoned trainers. The Campus guarantees a didactical approach by offering its trainers dedicated coaching and by following up on the quality of the training courses delivered.

Meet Patrick Hanckeone of our Spring Core trainers! 

In this video, Patrick explains the difference between Spring and Spring Boot.



The Spring Core training consists of 4 consecutive training days. The training will take place from 9 AM until 5 PM.

Our training courses take place either online (virtual classroom) or live on location in Belgium or The Netherlands. We always indicate whether a training takes place live or online.

You can find an overview of the available training dates here.

Upon request, we can organise this training in your company on your desired dates. Contact us to learn more about the possibilities.

The Spring Core training costs €2450 per person, VAT excluded.

Unfortunately, we are not able to give you a group discount. However, depending on the size of your group, it might be more profitable to opt for an in-company Spring Core training. Contact us to learn more about the possibilities.

Yes! The Spring Core training covers both the Spring Framework as well as Spring Boot.

You can definitely join the Spring Core training if you already have some experience with Spring and/or Spring Boot. We’ve had students with Spring experience join the training before and they confirmed that they still learned lots of new things.

Yes! This training will give you all the knowledge you need to pass the Spring Professional certification exam. When you complete the course, we will send you all the information you need to purchase an exam voucher, schedule your exam, and how you can practice for the exam.