SOLID Principles in C#

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Training Cost
1.250 EUR (VAT ex.) per person
Practical informationClass from 9 AM to 5 PM
LanguageEnglish (unless all attendees speak Dutch)

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2 days

Course overview

This course is intended for developers who seek an advanced understanding of object oriented concepts in C#.

This is a flipped online classroom training. A flipped classroom is a model where traditional ideas about classroom activities are reversed or “flipped”. The instructor has students interact with new material first, so they can lean at their own pace. Then, they use class time to discuss the new information and put those ideas into practice. This means that you will view video lectures at home before the online class session, and that the online in-class training with Microsoft teams is devoted to hands-on experience, projects or discussions.

Who should attend this training

This course is intended for people who work in software development.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will understand how to implement the following:

  • Understand object-oriented principles

  • Understand the SOLID principles

  • Exercises and project work


Knowledge of object-oriented programming in C# is required for this course.

Course Content

1. Object oriented programming
2. Single Responsibility Principle
3. Open Closed Principle
4. Liskov Substitution Principle
5. Interface Segregation Principle
6. Dependency Inversion Principle
7. Exercises and project work

This training in-company?
Upon your request we can organize this training for you.