The SME e-wallet is a support measure for SMEs who wish to purchase training or advise from a registered service provider.

Small companies receive 30% aid, a medium-sized company receives 20% aid. The maximum amount of aid a company can receive is limited to 7.500 Euro.

The Campus is a registered service provider within the SME e-wallet for the 'training' pillar.

The Campus supports organisations who invest in the knowledge and skills of their employees through training courses and training trajectories. Our offer fits into the revision of the SME e-wallet by focusing on future-oriented themes.

Job-specific competencies: theoretical and practical knowledge and skills needed within a certain area of expertise to perform the core tasks of a certain role or profession.

Innovation: implementation of new techniques or insights as a response to a demand for specific technological knowledge of a product, process or service.

Digitisation: usage of digital technologies, innovations and data which lead to new activities or changes in existing activities in terms of hardware, software and online applications.


Public training

Our standard training courses are eligible for the SME e-wallet. After registering, you will receive the instructions necessary to apply for this subsidy.

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In-company training

Do you wish to organise one of our standard training courses in-company, or do you need custom training for your organisation? Working together with you, we can organise a training that meets the learning needs of your organisation and your employees. These training courses are eligible for the SME e-wallet.

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How do I use the SME e-wallet?

Step 1
Subsidy application

Submit your subsidy application via VLAIO. In order to do this, you will need proof of registration or a signed quotation that includes the start date of the training.

Step 2
VAT and non-subsidiary services

You pay the VAT and non-subsidiary services directly to The Campus. 

The non-subsidiary services will be clearly stated on the invoice you receive from The Campus.

SME e-wallet contribution

You wil receive a confirmation via email with all the details you need to pay your contribution to the SME e-wallet.

After receipt of payment, the grant amount will be added to your SME e-wallet.

Step 3
Pay online via the SME e-wallet

The training has been confirmed! Via the SME e-wallet website, you commission payment to The Campus. You will need The Campus' invoice number.

Fresuently asked questions about the SME e-wallet

The Campus is a registered service provider within the SME e-wallet for the 'training' pillar with registration number DV.O246005. 

You can apply for the subsidy via VLAIO. Make sure to check if you meet all the requirements to be eligible for the SME e-wallet.

The SME e-wallet is a support measure which gives entrepreneurs a financial compensation when they purchase training or advise from a registered service provider. On the Flemish Government's website, you can check if your organisation is eligible for this support measure.

All training courses and training trajectories with direct interaction between the participant and the trainer or coach are aligible for the SME e-wallet. However, you cannot use the SME e-wallet to pay for the VAT and non-subsidiary services.

The VAT and non-subsidiary services are not eligible for the SME e-wallet. You will need to pay this amount directly to The Campus on the account number stated on the invoice.

Non-subsidiary services include:

  • Catering costs which are higher than 25 Euro per person per training day;
  • Rental of a training location;
  • Additional support services from The Campus.
Why has my subsidy application been declined by The Campus?

Your subsidy application will be declined when:

  • You haven't been enrolled for a training with The Campus;
  • You don't have a signed agreement for an in-company training with The Campus;
  • You haven't submitted your subsidy application on time (this is possible up until 14 days after the start of the training).

You can read all conditions on VLAIO's website.