Pivotal Spring Cloud Developer


3 days


Cloud-native application architectures and processes are becoming a proven strategy to enable fast delivery of business value.

Spring Boot and Spring Cloud are a powerful combination for building modern cloud-native application architectures that leverage industry battle-tested Spring ecosystem and 3rd party solutions to solve accompanying problems of scaling, availability and fault tolerance.

The 3-day Spring Cloud Developer course provides participants with an in-depth coverage of cloud-native and microservices patterns using Spring Cloud and Netflix components to help solve challenges associated with running distributed, cloud-native applications over a microservices architecture.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to demonstrate how each of following components contribute to Cloud-Native applications deployment, scaling and fault tolerance characteristics:

  • Distributed Application

  • Service-to-service Calls

  • Service Registration and Discovery

  • Client vs. Server Side Load balancing

  • Circuit Breakers

  • Config Server

  • Distributed Trace


This course assumes you have significant Java experience, and one of the following: Completion of Pivotal’s Cloud-Native Developer course, Completion of Pivotal’s Spring Core course, Completion of Pivotal’s Spring Boot course, Spring Boot experience.

Course Content

  • Introduction

  • Distributed application

  • Service registry and discovery

  • Client load balancing

  • Circuit breaker

  • Config server

  • Declarative rest client

  • Distributed trace

  • Security with OAuth 2.0


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The Campus is an official Pivotal Training Partner

The Campus is an official Pivotal Training Partner


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Nick loves to build software. He is a Jack of all trades with a particular interest in Cloud Engineering, Continuous Delivery, Microservices and overall Software Architecture. He has experience on various major Cloud providers and has extensive knowledge of the Google Cloud Platform. As a trainer on these subjects, he brings this real-world software development experience to the classroom.

Certified Pivotal Trainer Jeroen Sterken


Jeroen is a technical architect with about 15 years of experience in Java enterprise and web development. He is an IT-coordinator at Faros, a company specialized in Spring technology. Faros shares their expertise with the world on conferences, trainings, meetups, … Jeroen has a master’s degree in IT and a teaching degree, so he loves to share his knowledge with others.