Pivotal Core Spring


4 days


This official Pivotal course offers hands-on experience with Spring and its major features, including Java configuration, data access, web and REST applications, Spring Boot, Spring Security and using Spring Cloud to build a small microservices application. On completion, participants will have a foundation for creating enterprise-ready applications.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will understand how to implement the following:

  • Spring configuration using Java Configuration and Annotations

  • Aspect oriented programming with Spring

  • Testing Spring applications using JUnit 5

  • Spring Data Access - JDBC, JPA and Spring Data

  • Spring Transaction Management

  • Building Web Applications with Spring MVC

  • Setup Spring applications with Spring Boot

  • REST with Spring MVC and RestTemplate

  • Spring Security

  • Microservices with Spring Cloud

  • Reactive Programming with Spring


  • Good understanding of web-application development using Java, an IDE (Eclipse, STS or IntelliJ) and a Servlet engine such as Tomcat or Jetty, specific Java concepts (annotations and lambdas) and dependency management using Maven or Gradle.

  • This is a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) training. Please bring your own laptop to the course.

  • A few days before the training starts, you will receive an email from Pivotal that contains a link to the slides that will be used throughout the course and a link to the labs (the exercises used during the course). You can already access and download this information before the training.

Course Content

  • Introduction to Spring

  • Spring Java configuration: a deeper look

  • Annotation-based dependency injection

  • Factory pattern in Spring

  • Advanced Spring: how does Spring work internally?

  • Aspect-oriented programming

  • Testing a Spring-based application

  • Data access and JDBC with Spring

  • Database transactions with Spring

  • Spring Boot introduction

  • Spring Boot dependencies, auto-configuration and runtime

  • JPA with Spring and Spring Data

  • Spring MVC Architecture and overview

  • REST with Spring MVC

  • Spring Security

  • Actuators, metrics and health indicators

  • Spring Boot testing enhancements


This course prepares students for the Spring Professional certification exam. The exam is included in our The Campus offer and can be done online.

Our certified Pivotal trainers

Certified Pivotal trainer Nick De Kock


Nick loves to build software. He is a Jack of all trades with a particular interest in Cloud Engineering, Continuous Delivery, Microservices and overall Software Architecture. He has experience on various major Cloud providers and has extensive knowledge of the Google Cloud Platform. As a trainer on these subjects, he brings this real-world software development experience to the classroom.

Certified Pivotal Trainer Jeroen Sterken

Jeroen Sterken

Jeroen is a technical architect with about 15 years of experience in Java enterprise and web development. He is an IT-coordinator at Faros, a company specialized in Spring technology. Faros shares their expertise with the world on conferences, trainings, meetups, … Jeroen has a master’s degree in IT and a teaching degree, so he loves to share his knowledge with others.

Patrick Hancke.JPG

Patrick Hancke

Patrick has been working on many projects in a variety of industries as a consultant: retail, banking, telecommunications and automotive. Over the years, hisrole evolved from Developer over Technical Lead and Solution Architect.
“Coaching team members to improve their skills is one of the most rewarding aspects of my job. I’m happy to share my passion for the Spring Framework as a teacher.”

In his spare time, Patrick loves to have fun with his family and enjoys games in various forms, for example board games, escape rooms and geocaching.

Kristof Van Sever.JPG

Kristof Van Sever

Kristof has experience with Java and Spring development in a wide array of different roles. As a developer, teacher, and coach, his main expertise lies in enterprise development. His main focus and specialization lies on the Spring ecosystem, through Cloud Native software and continuous delivery to bring real business value. Kristof finds it very important to contribute to the community, so he does that with open source development, conference talks, and meetups.

”Code should be as clear as a children's book, but powerful enough to run an entire industry.”


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2.450 EUR (VAT excluded) per person

Practical details

From 9 AM to 5 PM




De Villermontstraat 9
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The Campus is an official Pivotal Training Partner

The Campus is an official Pivotal Training Partner