Our training courses are provided by field consultants who are also seasoned trainers.
By coaching them even further, and by following up on the quality of their training, The Campus guarantees a didactical approach.


Arne Van Raepenbusch

Technical coach and JavaScript Trainer

During my first job as a consultant, I found my love for teaching. I organised workshops and gave technical sessions to everyone who wanted to listen. As it turned out, for some reason, people like the way I talk about technology. I started diving deep into how to effectively coach a person. Now, I fill my days trying to help everyone to achieve their goals, and I love it.

Peter Pelgrims Oracle Database Trainer

Peter Pelgrims

Oracle Database Trainer

I started my professional career in the Oracle Database world more than 25 years ago. The campus gives me the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with other people and introduce them into this complex world. If you like to see the wood for the trees in the Oracle Database world: I can be your guide. It is still an adventure for me!



Meet the team behind The Campus’ trainers!

Charlotte Van Rompaey The Campus Kontich

Charlotte Van Rompaey

Communications Officer

My job at The Campus is to make sure all activities run smoothly and to keep our customers informed about everything going on in the company. Welcoming our students, helping people with questions, arranging classrooms and keeping our website and social media up-to-date: it’s all part of my job, and I love it! It truly makes me happy to see our students grow and accomplish their achievements during our trainings and classes.

Joy Buelens The Campus Kontich

Joy Buelens

Managing Partner & Project Coordinator

I am dedicated to making a customized learning trajectory which fits the needs of our customers. Acting as a true partner, I guide them through the entire journey by applying blended learning. I strongly believe this customized approach makes the difference. To see our students achieving their goals sparks my natural enthusiasm.

Winnie Valbracht The Campus Kontich

Winnie Valbracht


Seeing as I have a true passion for learning and technology, my involvement at The Campus is a natural fit. In my role as coordinator, I enable our strategy in a future-oriented approach, taking into account the ever-evolving requirements of our customers. It is a real pleasure to team up with enthusiastic and motivated staff and trainers, dedicated to achieving ultimate customer satisfaction!