Network and Information Security (NIS) Training

December 13 - 14 2021
October 5 - 6 2021
Training Cost
1.250 EUR (VAT ex.) per person
1.350 EUR (VAT ex.) per person
Practical informationClass from 9 AM to 5 PM
LanguageEnglish (unless all attendees speak Dutch)

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This training in-company?
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2 days

Course overview

On May 25, 2018, the new European Network and Information Security Regulations (NIS in short) came into effect.

This regulation is a response to the increasing number of cyber attacks. It means that companies from different branches need to create a safety culture and prepare themselves to limit the chance and impact of such cyber attacks. Europe wants to prepare businesses and make them resilient.

The regulation expects organisations to evaluate risks systematically, and to invest in e.g. business continuity, incident management and third party management. The regulation is aimed at agents who play a role in society or on the free market, which means that companies in the digital economy won’t remain unimpacted. Think of cloud service providers, online market places, and so on.

During this two-day training we will discuss the legislation and its four points.

Who should attend this training

This training is recommended for companies who are currently not making information security efforts in a structured or systematic way, but who are under effect of the legislation. Both people on the business and the technical side of the organisation will benefit from this training (management and coordinators, IT managers, CISOs, DPOs, …). Lastly, this training can also have and added value for professionals who want to learn about this specific topic.

Course Objectives

Participants return home with insight in the legal framework and the new, stricter requirements, and they know how to get started with Information Security Management within their organisation. They know about the new best practices according to the internationally recognized standards. Finally, they will have acquired some hands-on experience, and they will have a first basis to get started with a NIS-compliance trajectory in their own organisation.


There are no prerequisites for this training.

Course Content

Day one

  • Morning

    • Introduction to the legislation and its requirements

    • Introduction to information security management

  • Afternoon

    • Comparison of recognized information security standards (ISO27000, NIST, etc)

    • Importance and interpretation of

      • Policy

      • Organization, roles and responsibilities

      • Risk and threat management

      • Continuous improvement

Day two

  • Morning

    • Third party management

    • Business continuity management

    • Incident management

  • Afternoon

    • Practical session as a first basis for your organization

      • Risk analyses

      • Business continuity planning

This training in-company?
Upon your request we can organize this training for you.