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3 days


IT organizations can optimally align their services, processes, people and technology with business strategy and customer needs by applying the ITIL® service management framework. ITIL® offers guidelines and best practices to create value by providing the right digital services and supporting them with high-quality processes. ITIL® is the most applied best practice framework in service management worldwide, both in the public and private sector, from SMEs to multinationals. After this training, you will know how to apply the ITIL® service management framework in your organisation.

Organize your digital transformation with ITIL4®

We live in a time of unprecedented change, known as the "Fourth Industrial Revolution”. It is important for service providers to organize themselves in the right direction. After all, the right interaction between people, processes and digital technologies are crucial to be succesful. It is an ever faster and more complex environment, which requires organizations to be more flexible to remain relevant in this rapidly changing world. Lean and agile working have become a must. ITIL4® helps IT organizations to face these challenges.

Start your digital journey from your current situation

The best part about ITIL4® is that IT organizations can start their digital journey from the situation they are currently in. While designing the processes or value flows, organizations often notice that that a number of necessary basic practices are still not properly implemented, such as handling incidents or change- and release control. These examples of basic practices are also covered in ITIL4®. After all, it is important to apply only those ITIL4® practices that are the best fit for you and your company. That way, your existing investments in services and processes are still protected. ITIL4® is a only a point of departure.


There are no mandatory prerequisites for this training.

Course Content

You can expect an interactive course with presentations, exercises and case studies. After completing the course, you will also be fully prepared for the certification exam.

The following topics will be discussed during the course:

  • Make a difference with IT service management

  • The most important concepts of ITIL4®

  • The 4 dimensions of IT service management

  • Create value with the ITIL4® service value system

  • Co-creation of value with customers and other stakeholders

  • The guiding principles

  • Drawing digitizable value streams

  • Concrete practices of ITIL4®

    • General management practices

    • Service management practices

    • Technical management practices

  • Governance and continuous improvement

Who should attend?

Managers and employees of service providers, IT departments and IT organizations, application and project managers.


The exam is webbased. It concerns a 40-question multiple choice exam, you pass the exam when you answer at least 26 questions correctly. All participants will receive a voucher with access codes for the exam. You can take the exam whenever you want, at home for example. The choice is yours!

Meet the teacher

Joost Bertrem.JPG

Joost Bertrem is our service management trainer. He guides people in technology departments and companies in implementing new value streams or to improve the present ones on a daily basis. During these missions, he uses his knowledge of best practice frameworks, of which ITIL© is a very significant one.

“I find it very important to motivate people to work on self-improvement so that not only customer satisfaction, but also the own job satisfaction increases. I aim to share this passion in my training courses.”

The training is organized in collaboration with Strict, ATO of Peoplecert.


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Training cost

1.950 EUR (VAT excluded) per person
Online Exam Voucher (included in training price)

Practical details

From 9 AM to 5 PM




De Villermontstraat 9
2550 Kontich

This training in-company?

Upon your request we can organize this training for you.


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