An introduction to Quantum Computing


1/2 day


Quantum Computers will probably become one of the most important technologies of the next decade, yet very few people seem to understand what they will do, or why normal computers suddenly need replacement. In this course, we will introduce you to the weird and wonderful world of Quantum and teach you everything you need to know about where and when quantum computers might be used in your business.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will understand the following:

  • Basic and intermediary terminology surrounding Quantum Computing

  • How quantum mechanics and quantum computing are related

  • Why classical computers are not enough for some problems

  • Why quantum computers will not replace classical computers and what they will be used for

  • The current state of QC technology, and projections for when Quantum Computers will become viable for practical purposes


  • There are no prerequisites to this course.

  • You don’t need to bring a specific device to the course; the PowerPoint presentation will be given to you digitally.

Course Content

  • What is computing?

  • Intro to quantum mechanics

  • Problem complexity

  • Introducing the qubit

  • Quantum computing in practice today

  • The (near) future of quantum computing

  • Case Studies: QC in Chemistry, Logistics and Security

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Practical details

From 12 PM to 5 PM


English (unless all attendees speak Dutch)


De Villermontstraat 9
2550 Kontich

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