Infrastructure and configuration as code


4 - 8 hours


Data scientists, data engineers, DevOps.

Course Objectives

This session will show you some tools in which you can write and deploy your infrastructure, configuration and documentation as code which can be versioned using a tool like git.

Because setting up software and data science projects often involves provisioning correct infrastructure in the cloud to run all your components. While it is often quite simple to do this manually this solution does not scale if your infrastructure or complexity grows. And how will you remember what you provisioned a month or even a year from now if you need to rerun your code or reinstall your environment?

The same holds true for server or service configuration!


Some programming knowledge, system engineering and general knowledge about server infrastructure.

Course Overview

We’ll touch on the topics of:

  • Stateful infrastructure

  • Sharing infrastructure deployment between team members

  • Configuration versus provisioning

  • Writing documentation as code with a main focus on the Python programming language

  • How to auto-generate API documentation within your normal documentation.

This session is not a deep dive but will provide you with examples and some tools that are best practice within Vectr.Consulting.


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