Industrial analytics & loT


2 - 4 hours


Any key stakeholder in the industrial OT/IT landscape.

Course Objectives

Internet of Things, industry 4.0, connected devices, smart everything are hype terms that drown out the actual business value of data-driven insights related to sensors and business processes.

You’ll understand the underlying concepts of IoT and you’ll be able to recognize business opportunities of IoT for your business. After this session you’ll understand what’s possible and what’s not.

This session offers a pragmatic outlook from an industrial engineer turned data scientist on the value of data, data architecture for OT/IT integration.


No prior knowledge.

Course Overview

In this presentation we’ll go beyond the hype: do you need IoT? If so, why? Can we handle data locally as well? What value does industrial analytics have for my business processes, energy demand forecasting, predictive maintenance/quality,...


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