In this world full of fast-changing technologies, it is often a challenge for companies to have and keep the right expertise.Looking for just one training course, a learning trajectory or coaching? We’ve got what you need! Our in-company training courses can be adapted to the specific desires and needs of your company.

What to expect
01 — Broad offer

All of our classroom training courses can be booked as an in-company training, but we don’t limit ourselves to the subjects on our classroom training agenda. As part of De Cronos Groep, The Campus can rely on an extensive network of professional IT consultants who have real-life experience in the field. Since De Cronos Groep exists out of roughly 400 companies and 5000 employees in total, chances that we can find a partner to help you are high. Based on your request, we contact our partners to ask for their expert opinion, and we look at what we can do for you. To give you an idea, we have previously helped other companies with PowerShell, Software Security, JavaScript and Oracle Database, for example.

02 — Customizable

Our in-company training courses can be developed both for beginners and more skilled employees and in any desired format, from classic classroom training to practical workshops with hands-on exercises and coaching. Whether you’re looking for just one training or an extensive learning trajectory with workshops on multiple subjects: we’ve got what you need. All courses and trajectories can be tailored to the specific needs of your organisation, resulting in a custom training program.

03 — Expert advice

Not sure which type of training suits your organisation best? We can take an advisory role while developing your in-company training or trajetory. This means that we will make a proposition on the content, format and duration of the training based on your employees’ current situation. You always have the possibility to give feedback. We take your feedback to heart and adapt our proposition until you are satisfied.

When to book an in-company training

An in-company training could be the ideal solution for your organisation when:

  • Your employees do not all have the same amount of experience in a particular technology

  • You are switching to a new technology or way of working and you need to train your employees

  • When your company wants to go in a complete new direction

  • When you want to invest in the self-development of your employees

And in many other situations. Basically whenever you feel the need to invest in the knowledge of your employees!

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