Modern Web Development with HTML, CSS & JavaScript

General info 

This is a three-day training course. Select the desired start date at the top right of the screen for practical information regarding the training (location, price, registration, etc.).

Course overview

JavaScript started as a simple scripting language to make websites dynamic. More than 20 years later, JavaScript is dominating the world wide web. It is used as a multidisciplinary language both on the client side as well as the server side, ranging from small utility scripts to full blown enterprise applications.

The JavaScript language and ecosystem are evolving rapidly. With a good basic knowledge of the JavaScript fundamentals, concepts and tools, you'll be able to jump on the train and keep up.

First of all, this course will give you a good understanding of the JavaScript fundamentals (such as closure, scope and asynchronous programming) and the latest JavaScript features (such as arrow functions, destructuring and spread operator). Additionally, you will pick up tips, tools and best practices for building maintainable web applications. Finally, you will learn how to create a beautiful graphical user interface on top of your already beautiful code, with the necessary tools and best practices to keep your CSS maintainable.

Who should attend this training

Anyone who wants to get an in-depth understanding of how modern JavaScript is written, from a low-level language understanding over creating user interfaces to high-level tools and best practices for writing modular JavaScript web applications.


Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will understand the following:

  • How JavaScript works and its fundamental concepts
  • How to write modern JavaScript with its latest features
  • Asynchronous programming with Fetch API, Promises & Async / Await
  • Master the DOM, without jQuery
  • How to write clean and modular CSS with CSS preprocessors
  • All the tools you need to write enterprise level frontend applications which work cross-browser, are easy to understand, modify, maintain and reuse.


  • This is a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) training. Please bring your own laptop to the course. Make sure NodeJS and npm or Yarn are installed.
  • We recommend participants to have some programming experience (in any language).

Course Content

DAY 1 - JavaScript fundamentals

  • JavaScript fundamentals
    • Execution context
    • Scope / Closure
    • Debugging
    • Prototypes
  • ES6
  • Asynchronous JavaScript
    • Promises
    • Async/Await
    • Fetch API
  • Clean code
  • Exercise: Code game

DAY 2 - GUIs

  • DOM
    • Manipulation
    • Events
  • HTML
  • Styling
    • Preprocessors
    • Clean CSS
    • CSS Layout
  • Exercise: Home Assignment

DAY 3 - Advanced JavaScript

  • JavaScript EcoSystem
    • Cross browser utility libs
    • Module systems
    • Testing
    • Task runners
  • Serverside JavaScript
  • Browser storage

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This training will be held in English unless all attendees speak Dutch.


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