Introduction to Flowable BPM

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General info 

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Course overview

This one-day course is intended for analysts and developers who want a hands-on introduction on Flowable BPM and the topics of business process management, case management and decision management in general. It covers both the modeling basics as well as the automation part with the Flowable BPM Engine embedded in a Java / Spring Boot application. 

The course is based on the Flowable BPM Open Source engine, but also provides an insight on what the commercial offering with Flowable CORE, Flowable Platform, Flowable Work and Flowable Engage can provide additionally.

Who should attend this training

  • Java Developers and Software Architects planning to use Flowable BPM or looking what BPMN and DMN can do for their applications.
  • Business Analysts interested in Business Process Modeling (BPMN), Case Management (CMMN) and Decision Modeling (DMN) and no-code development for prototyping

Course Objectives

In this course, attendees will learn:

  • The basics of Business Process Modeling and Business Process Automation
  • Understand the added value of Business Process Management
  • The basics on BPMN, CMMN (Case Management) and DMN (Business Rules) modeling
  • The architecture and tooling of Flowable BPM
  • To integrate Flowable BPM Engine in a Java Spring Boot application
  • Create a BPMN model and execute it in a Spring Boot application with embedded Flowable Engine
  • The different deployment options for Flowable BPM
  • More advanced scenarios with Flowable BPM like microservice orchestration


  • We recommend participants to have basic Java development skills and Spring Boot knowledge (only for the hands-on Java workshop part).
  • This is a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) training. Please bring your own laptop to the course.

Course Content

  • Business Process Management - BPM 101
    • What is a Business Process?
    • Reasons to consider Business Process Management?
    • BPMN, CMMN and DMN models
  • A quick tour over Flowable BPM
    • Flowable Open Source: Components, architecture and tools
    • Flowable Modeler
    • Flowable Task UI
    • Flowable Admin
    • Flowable IDM
    • Flowable REST API
    • Beyond open source: Flowable CORE, Platform, Work and Engage
  • Hands-on workshop: A no-code BPM example
    • Modeling a business process
    • Modeling a case model
    • Modeling a decision table
    • Modeling a form
    • Running the application
  • Flowable BPM and Spring Boot
    • Flowable Spring Boot Integration
    • Flowable Java API
  • Hands-on workshop: Automating a business process in Spring Boot
    • Creating a Spring Boot application
    • Integrating Flowable BPM as an embedded Engine
    • Deploying and running a business process
    • Service Tasks: invoking Spring Beans from a process model
    • User Tasks: integrating user interactions and interactive forms
    • Decision Tasks: integrating and automating a DMN Table
    • Timer Events: timed process starts, activity timeouts and escalation processes
  • Advanced topics
    • Flowable Deployment Models
    • Asynchronous activities
    • Triggerable Activities
    • Using messages and signals
    • Microservices orchestration with Flowable

Event Dates
March 23, 2023


Binnenfort Fort 5
Vestinglaan 55
2650 Edegem
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This training will be held in English unless all attendees speak Dutch.


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