Getting Started with Kubernetes

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General info 

This is a one-day training course. Select the desired start date at the top right of the screen for practical information regarding the training (location, price, registration, etc.).

Course overview

Kubernetes is the leading open-source system, initially developed by Google, for managing containerized applications in a clustered environment. Its goal is to provide better/easier way to manage related, distributed components and services across varied infrastructures. This course is aimed at everybody (both developers and those with operations background) who wants to get started with Kubernetes.

Who should attend this training

This training is intended for everyone who wants to get started with Kubernetes.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will have the following knowledge/hands-on experience:

  • Understand the architecture of Kubernetes
  • Perform a Kubernetes installation using 'kubeadm'
  • Install and use 'minikube'
  • Containerize your application
  • Deploy the containerized application into Kubernetes using all the best-practices


  • Because this is an introduction course, only familiarity with the Linux CLI is required.
  • This is a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) training. Please bring your own laptop to the course.

Course Content

  • Container Orchestration
  • Kubernetes - Intro
  • Kubernetes - Architecture
  • Installing Kubernetes using 'kubeadmin'
  • Installing and configuring 'minikube'
  • Interacting with 'minikube'
  • Core Kubernetes components/objects
  • Authentication, Authorization, and Admission Control
  • Deploying a Stand-Alone Application
  • Kubernetes Volume Management
  • Deploying a Multi-Tier Application
  • ConfigMaps and Secrets
  • Ingress
  • Deployment strategies (blue/green, canary, ...)

Event Dates
March 7, 2023


Binnenfort Fort 5
Vestinglaan 55
2650 Edegem
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This training will be held in English unless all attendees speak Dutch.


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