Developing Spring Boot Apps for Kubernetes

November 24 - 25 2020
January 21 - 22 2021
April 1 - 2 2021
August 24 - 25 2021
November 25 - 26 2021
Training Cost
1.250 EUR (VAT ex.) per person
1.350 EUR (VAT ex.) per person
Practical informationClass from 9 AM to 5 PM
LanguageEnglish (unless all attendees speak Dutch)

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2 days

Course overview

Kubernetes is the industry approved platform for growing a Cloud Native strategy. Spring (Boot) has always encouraged developers to leverage the tools/technologies that best solves their business use cases.

In this training, we will bring both worlds together so that you as a Spring (boot) developer can take ownership of your code from development to production. We will look at some best practices/patterns on how to containerize your Spring Boot application and run it on a Kubernetes cluster. We will also look at how you can integrate your Spring Boot app with Kubernetes.

By the time the training is over, you will have a good understanding on how Spring Boot and Kubernetes work hand in hand and you will have bridged some of the gap between Dev & Ops.

Who should attend this training

Spring Application developers who want to learn best practices & patterns for containerising Spring Boot Applications with Docker, and integrate them in the Kubernetes platform.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will understand how to implement the following:

  • Introduction

    • Cloud Native Architectures

    • Spring Boot & Kubernetes

  • Building containers 

    • Containers introduction

    • Containerize your Spring Boot application

    • Best practices / optimizing containers

    • Spring Boot 2.3.0 kubernetes support

  • Deploy Spring Boot applications on Kubernetes

    • Use kubectl imperative commands to generate a pod definition

    • Manually deploy your spring boot application on Kubernetes

  • Spring Boot configuration on Kubernetes

    • External configuration (Kubernetes configmaps/secrets)

    • Application versioning practices

  • Spring Boot application lifecycle in Kubernetes

    • Kubernetes awareness 

    • Liveness and Readiness probes with Spring Boot Actuator

    • Leverage Spring Boots event-driven model (as opposed to state polling)

    • Health indicators,  Spring Boots Health Groups support 

    • Graceful Shutdown support

    • Secure Spring Boot Actuator in Kubernetes 

  • Visibility & observability

    • Enable and extend metrics/monitoring capabilities using Spring Boot actuator

    • Distributed Logging

  • Spring Cloud Kubernetes

    • Kubernetes awareness

    • DiscoveryClient implementation

    • PropertySource objects configured via ConfigMaps

  • This training requires you to have good knowledge of Java & Spring boot (Spring Core/boot training is recommended)

  • Basic knowledge of Docker/containers & Kubernetes is recommended

  • This is a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) training. Please bring your own laptop to the course. Please make sure the following software is installed:

    • Java JDK 8+

    • IDE of your choice (IntelliJ, Eclipse/Visual Studio with Spring Tools;

    • Docker Desktop installed (

Course Content
  • Introduction: why is Kubernetes the industry approved platform & how does Spring Boot fit in?

  • Containerize Spring Boot applications

  • Spring Boot configuration in Kubernetes

  • Deploy Spring Boot applications on Kubernetes

  • Spring Boot application lifecycle in Kubernetes

  • Visibility & observability

  • Spring Cloud Kubernetes

This training in-company?
Upon your request we can organize this training for you.