Conversational interfaces and chatbots


2 - 4 hours


This inspiration session is offered to management, developers and project managers who wish to learn more about creating a chatbot.

Course Objectives

The audience will learn what a chatbot is. What are its use cases? What types of chatbots are there? How difficult is it to create one? What technologies are currently available that can help with making a chatbot? What are some best practices?


No prior knowledge.

Course Overview


  • Trends

  • Good vs Bad NLP

Types of chatbots

  • FAQ

  • Form: Information, Lookup, Smart Home, Personal Assistant

Common concepts

  • Intents

  • Entities

  • Context

  • Prompts

  • Flows


  • Dialogflow

  • IBM Watson Conversation

  • Microsoft Luis


  • Amazon

  • Lex


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