Bot insights workshop


4 - 8 hours


Every company and every employee who is interested in using chatbots. Stakeholders and employees who know your business, marketing, IT, sales, innovation, HR, call center, ...

Course Objectives

We identify use cases, business goals and the conversational UX of your chatbot.

After the workshop we deliver a report which will form the basis for the further analysis of the conversational flow of your bot and a prototype of your bot. With your approval we are ready to program and train your bot with machine learning techniques.


No prior knowledge.

Course Overview

Bot strategy

  • Concepts and principles of chatbots

  • User centric design of your chatbot

  • “Who is your user and what does he expect?”

  •  Goal of your bot

  • Use cases and stories for your bot

What is the personality of your bot?

  • Personality of your bot

  • Tone of voice

What is the conversational flow of your bot?

  • Intents, Entities, Context

Backend architecture

  • What data? Datasource? Integration patterns


This training in-company?

Upon your request we can organize this training for you.


interested to organize this training in-company?