The Campus Training Trends 2019


By Joy Buelens

The Campus organized its first survey last month. The goal of this survey was to learn how we can further optimize our services for our customers and trainees. We wanted to know which form of training you prefer, and your favourite time when it comes to following a training. In addition, it is important to know which training courses are still on your wish list. In this blog post, we share the results of our survey with you.

Most popular training topics

Unlike our Change Tracks where we have a broad range of technologies and frameworks in our portfolio, we choose to keep our offer of Masterclasses and Early Adopter sessions limited, so we can offer you training courses on the most relevant topics only.

We received many (and sometimes very diverse) answers to the question to sum up 3 training courses that you would like to do next year. Python is clearly the number one topic. This isn’t surprising if you know that the programming language increases in popularity in the TIOBE Index every year. After a serious dip at the end of the 1990’s, Python has been crowned to '“Programming Language of the Year” three times since then (in 2007, 2010 and 2018).

This is the top 5 of trainings according to our respondents:

  1. Python

  2. Enterprise UX Design

  3. Data Science and Machine Learning

  4. Quantum Computing

  5. AI (Artificial Intelligence)

The Campus Infographic - most popular training topics

when people want to follow training

No less than 77% of respondents indicates that they prefer to follow a training during working hours rather than after working hours. Our respondents also indicate that they would rather follow training during normal days of the year, and not during shorter school holidays such as Christmas break or Easter break.

The Campus Infographic - when people want to follow training

Preferred training format

Classroom training remains the favourite form of training, followed by a mix of classical training, online training and coaching. This is a mix that we increasingly apply to custom learning trajectories for clients.

Online training gives you the opportunity to familiarize with a certain subject. They also have a huge advantage: you can do these training courses any place, any time.

Our respondents clearly recognise the added value of classroom trainings. We also notice this at The Campus, where we work with trainers that are still active in their field of expertise. They often make their classroom training very hands-on and interactive, and they are able to talk about certain challenges from their own experience.

Coaching is the cherry on top, because it gives people the opportunity to tackle certain challenges efficiently with a more personal approach.

The Campus Infographic - preferred training format

We can conclude that the results have confirmed our assumptions. These insights give us the possibility to respond to the wishes and needs of our clients. We would like to thank everyone who participated in our survey and we invite you to participate again next year. We’re already curious about the future results.

Do you have feedback or do you want more information about our survey? Don’t hesitate to contact us!


Joy Buelens is Managing Partner and IT Learning Architect at The Campus. She is dedicated to making a customized learning trajectory which fits the needs of our customers. Acting as a true partner, she guides them through the entire journey by applying blended learning. She strongly believes this customized approach makes the difference. To see our students achieving their goals sparks her natural enthusiasm.