The Campus now is a school page on LinkedIn
The Campus recently transferred its business page on LinkedIn to a school page. And that’s good news for our students!

A LinkedIn school page offers the same features as a company page, plus a few extra ones. One of these extra features is the “alumni” section, which gives you an overview of people who attended one of The Campus’ training courses. The section is currently rather empty because it is new, but we’d like to change that soon!

This change has a big advantage for students: they can now add the training courses they attended to their LinkedIn profiles! This is a great way to showcase the knowledge and new skills they gained. Unlike a post, this information will be displayed on your LinkedIn profile permanently, making it easier for others (such as prospects, clients and recruiters) to find this information.

Let us show you how to add your training to your LinkedIn profile!

How to add a completed training to your LinkedIn profile

  1. Log in to LinkedIn, click “me” in the top right corner and select “view profile”.
  2. On your profile page, scroll down to the section “Licenses & certifications” and click the “+” button.
  3. Fill in the required fields in the pop-up that appears.
    Name: fill in the name of the training you attended
    Issuing Organization: enter “The Campus” and select The Campus from the drop-down list
  4. (Optional) Fill in the issue date (the month and year in which you completed the training) and credential ID. You can find the credential ID on the “Certificate of completion” you received after the training.
  5. Click save and you’re done!
The Campus, Charlotte Van Rompaey 29 October, 2021
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