The advantages of working with IT professionals as trainers
Trainers form the beating heart of any training centre. Not only do they teach the course material, but for many students, trainers are people who set an example, people to look up to. Choosing the right trainers is very important.

The Campus made the deliberate choice to work with professional IT consultants who are still active in the field instead of with full-time trainers. We believe this choice has several advantages for our trainees. Read more below!

Our trainers can speak from experience

Our trainers are all professional IT consultants who have significant experience in the field. They are all actively involved in the field that they teach, and some of them are even very successful consultants, or started their own organisations or initiatives.

Because they have worked with the material intensively over the past couple of years, they can include the work experience and knowledge that they gained into the course. They will address common pain points and hand our students practical tips and tricks to handle them efficiently. People who have never worked in the field are less likely to be able to do that.

They can offer real-life examples

Since our trainers are actively working in the field they teach, this allows them to offer our students a lot of real-life examples. Our trainers are passionate and love to tell students about their own experiences.

Whether it’s about that time they spent looking for the right solution for hours when there was actually a simple fix, or just about what a day on the job looks like: these stories all bring added value to the course and trainees.

More engaging training experience

Offering students a training with a trainer who knows the ins and outs of the technology results in a more engaging learning experience. Experienced trainers can offer hands-on courses with lots of exercises, labs and examples, increasing involvement.

Since our trainers love what they do, they make for very passionate teachers. Being able to teach others about what they do gives them a real motivation boost and sparks their enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is contagious, and enthusiastic students will be more likely to engage throughout the course.

Our trainers might not be full-time teachers, but we take several measures to ensure that all our courses are taught in an educationally responsible way. We offer our trainers several workshops and events to train them into top-notch teachers.

Do you want to give your employees the chance to learn from experienced IT professionals? Contact us today by filling out our contact form, and we’ll see how we can help you out with a customized training course!

The Campus, Charlotte Van Rompaey 30 September, 2020
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