Spring I/O Barcelona 2019

Spring has been an important concept in the world of Java Development for years. One of the reasons for that success is the fact that it is open source and that the worldwide community actively participates in developing the framework, so that it evolves together with the needs of modern software development.

Every year in May, we attend the largest European Spring Conference, Spring I/O Barcelona, where we learn about the “latest and greatest” of Spring. Belgium was in the fourth place of the top five of countries that represent Spring this year. We were very proud that Faros could be a part of that. Even before we boarded the plane, the message was already clear: “Spring is in the air!”

Contributing to the Spring community

We developed a tradition while attending these conferences: we don’t only go there to listen to other people’s presentations, but we also actively contribute to the Spring Community by sharing knowledge. We have been giving our own workshops and presentations for a couple of years now, for example “The Spring ecosystem in 50 minutes” and “Testing every level of your Spring Microservices application”. This year, my colleague Wim and I prepared a presentation about our experiences with Serverless Development & Spring (see video below), and we were very happy to take our place on the stage next to the other 56 speakers at the event.


A lot of people were interested in our presentation, and this selfie that we took right before the start of our presentation proves that! Afterwards, we took some time to answer questions and network with the attendees. It was a very interesting session, both for the audience and for us.

Fun facts

There are some things I learned during the Spring I/O that I don’t want to keep from you:

  • Spring Framework 5.2 is planned for July 31
  • Spring Framework 5.2 supports among others Reactive Transactions, Rsocket messaging, Kotlin coroutines and a functional version of Web MVC
  • Spring boot 2.2 works with Spring Framework 5.2
  • Spring Cloud Netflix projects are in maintenance mode and will be replaced with alternatives like Resilience4j, Micrometer, Spring Cloud Loadbalancer andSpring Cloud Gateway.

Spring I/O Barcelona is an independent Spring conference in the heart of Barcelona. The initiative is owned by only one person, Sergi Almar, and the amount of people interested increases every year. It is also a great place to gain knowledge and to make contacts within the community. We mentioned our connection with Pivotal, and we are planning more initiatives around that this month. Keep an eye on our website!

Spring I/O Barcelona 2019
NV Faros, Jeroen Sterken 4 July, 2019
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