How we handle evaluation after a training
Our work isn’t done once the training has been delivered.

The follow-up and evaluation after a training is just as important as the training itself. We set up an evaluation process designed to measure the satisfaction level of the trainees on one hand, and the client’s experience on the other hand. Let us walk you through the different steps we take when we perform an evaluation after a course.

Student evaluation

All students will receive an evaluation form via email on the last day of the training. This evaluation form will question students about their experience during the training. Did the instructor present the material in a clear way? Did the instructor have good knowledge of the subject? Do the employees feel like they can apply the knowledge they gained in their daily jobs?

Students have the opportunity to share some general remarks or feedback as well. We also ask them if they’d recommend The Campus to others, and indicate that on a scale from 1 to 10. This scale is also known as the Net Promotor Score, a proven metric to measure customer experience.


We’ll report the results of the evaluation back to you to see if there are any other follow-up actions needed. For example, it’s possible that students are in need of extra exercises for students who would have liked a bit more time to practice. If certain students indicate that they still have trouble with some parts of the course material, extra (personal) coaching sessions with the trainer or our technical coach might help. The decision is yours.

Client evaluation

During the last part of the evaluation process, we’ll also ask our contact person (this is mostly the person who contacted us and requested a quotation) about their experience with The Campus. Are they satisfied with the services we delivered? Maybe they have some suggestions or noticed some room for improvement?

This evaluation form is the way to give us your honest opinion about our services. We take your feedback to heart, and we’ll use it to keep improving and growing in the future.

The Campus, Charlotte Van Rompaey 1 October, 2020
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