How to transform IT professionals into top-notch teachers

At The Campus, all trainers are experienced IT professionals who love to share their knowledge with others. Since they still work in the field, they can provide our trainees with real-life examples, practical tips and tricks, and personal work experiences. We want our students to learn from the best!

This means our trainers are not full-time teachers. To ensure that all of our training courses are taught in an educationally responsible way, we take certain actions to train our trainers to become top-notch teachers. We’ll explain how we do this.

It’s important to note that not just every professional IT consultant can become a trainer at The Campus. Unfortunately, not everyone who wants to become a trainer is automatically a good teacher. We will invite candidates to come have a chat with us first to see if there’s a match. New trainers will go through a few test courses and will have the possibility to ask for help, feedback and coaching.

Trainer events with practical workshops

A few times a year, we organise a trainer event where we offer our trainers a practical workshop about teaching and coaching students. We have organised lessons about different kinds of teaching methods, and a workshop on the best way to handle student questions, for example.

However, our trainer events are not only about hard work. We also include fun activities (which always have something to do with food, curious enough…) to encourage our trainers to connect with each other. This allows for a relaxed atmosphere that encourages networking and allows trainers to talk about their training experiences, and ask each other for tips.

Workshop Technical Coaching

We also offer our trainers a workshop called Technical Coaching to improve their teaching and coaching skills. The training aims to give participants the right tools and knowledge to effectively and efficiently transfer their technical knowledge to others. The course also aims to teach you to become a good coach.

This course is not only available for our trainers, though. Most people in the IT industry will be asked to coach others with less experience at some point in their career, so it’s a great advantage if you know how to transfer knowledge in an effective way. Team leaders or anyone else responsible for guiding their colleagues on a technical level could also benefit from this course.

Elaborate briefing before training

Our trainers always receive an elaborate briefing before the start of the training. They will receive information about the company’s working methods and the direction they want to head into, the students’ prior knowledge and the skills they should have gained after completing the training. This allows our trainers to adapt their course content and training methods to their audience. Our briefing also contains a “trainer checklist” with both practical information and a number of tips and tricks to ensure a smooth training experience for our students.


Last but not least, our trainers can always address us directly if they have a certain trouble or concern. The Campus team is very approachable and open to feedback, and will take reported issues seriously. Moreover, our technical coach is always prepared to offer further guidance whenever needed.

Would you like a training plan for your IT professionals where they can learn from experts with experience in the industry? Then our in-company training courses might be what you’re looking for. Our in-company training courses offer many other benefits that will make your life easier. Read more about that here.

The Campus, Charlotte Van Rompaey 21 September, 2020
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