How our in-company training courses for IT professionals can make your life easier

It’s clear that training employees is a must in today’s society. Not only does training boost performance, productivity and creativity, it also reduces employee turnover. LinkedIn Learning’s Workplace Learning Report shows that 94% of employees would stay at a company longer if it invests in their career development. Moreover, it makes employees happier (this study shows that learning and career development is in the top 10 of factors that drive employee happiness).

Finding the right training for your company’s IT department can be quite a challenge though, especially if you have little technical knowledge yourself. The fact that the IT industry is constantly changing and innovating doesn’t make this decision any easier.

When it comes to designing a training programme, the training topic is not the only thing you should consider. There are so many training formats to choose from: classroom training, live online training, e-learning, webinars and blended learning. All of them have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Can’t see the forest for the trees anymore? We understand that. The good news is that we’re here to help you! In this article, we’ll show you how our in-company training courses can make your life easier when you want to choose the right training for your IT department. We’ll address 5 pain points we can help you with:

  • Educationally responsible training courses
  • Custom training programme that fits your organisation’s needs
  • Trainers who are experts in their field
  • Practical details and communication
  • Follow-up and evaluation

The road to a fully personalised in-company training course

Educationally responsible training courses

The Campus offers educationally responsible training courses. There are several factors we take into account to ensure the quality of our training courses.

First of all, The Campus focuses solely on innovative and relevant technologies. You won’t find any training courses on outdated and never-used technologies on our website. Our training offer contains AIquantum computing and Cloud Computing (such as AWSAzure and the Spring (Boot) Framework), for example. These courses are always delivered by experienced IT professionals, but we’ll come back to that later in this article.

We also want to offer a personalised experience to all of our trainees. That means we will ask you about the employees’ background, prior knowledge, and your company’s expectations beforehand. We mostly plan a meeting between the trainer and one of the company’s stakeholders as well. We offer our trainers a thorough briefing so they can adapt the course content and delivery method accordingly. Some topics might need to be covered more or less extensively depending upon the knowledge present in the group.

All of our training courses are hands-on and offer plenty of exercises and labs. We strongly believe that learning while doing is the best way to gain new knowledge. After all, what’s the use of learning theory if you can’t put it into practice? Learning by doing also helps trainees retain the course material better.

Hands-on training also stimulates interaction and involvement. Rather than just sit back and listen, students are encouraged to apply what they have learned immediately into practice, and they are often encouraged to do so in groups. This sparks interaction between trainees and the trainer. In addition, we also encourage our trainers to implement other ways of interaction in their training to keep trainees involved. Some of our trainers have implemented event-storming sessions, for example.

Lastly, our courses always include two-way feedback. Our trainers will provide students with ample feedback when they have questions or concerns, or when they have completed a lab. However, feedback is not a one-way street. Students are encouraged to give feedback and opinions during the training as well! Students learn from our trainers, but our trainers learn a great deal from their students as well. Student feedback helps our trainers improve their courses and teaching methods.

A custom training programme based on your organisation’s needs

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to training courses. That’s why The Campus can assist you in building a customised training or training trajectory that is adapted to your company’s needs, and helps employees reach their personal goals as well.

Before we can start designing a custom training, we’ll need to know about your company’s training needs. If you’re not comfortable with defining the training needs yourself, we can help you with that as well. Don’t forget to take the employees’ personal goals into account while defining your training needs, as this is vital for employee satisfaction.

Once we know about your training needs, we will suggest the right training topics that will help you reach your organisation’s goals. After that, it’s time to choose the format. We offer classroom training and practical workshops, but we can also offer (live) online training, and webinars. We can develop e-learning modules on request, which could be interesting when a certain training needs to be available for larger portions of your organisation. All these formats have their advantages and disadvantages. We’re here to help, if you’re not sure which format to pick.

The result is a custom training programme that not only helps your organisation reach its goals, but also addresses the employees’ personal needs and objectives, making them motivated to learn.

Our trainers are experts in their field

Unlike many other training centres, we don’t have any full-time trainers at The Campus. Why not? Our experience tells us that full-time trainers often have little or no work experience in the field, meaning they can’t offer real-life examples, or give in-depth answers to questions.

That’s why all our trainers are professional IT consultants who are still active in their field of expertise. This means they still work with the tools and technologies they teach on a daily basis. This allows them to speak from experience, give practical tips and tricks, and to give real-world examples. Our trainers are always willing to share their personal experiences with their trainees as well.

Choosing The Campus as your learning partner thus guarantees your IT department to learn from passionate IT professionals who love to share their knowledge with others. To ensure that our trainers deliver the course material in the best way possible, we organise ‘train-the-trainer’ workshops and events on a regular basis.

We take care of practical details and communication

Once your training or training trajectory has been planned out completely, you can sit back and relax. That’s right: from now on, we will handle all the practical details and communication!

Here’s some examples of the things we’ll handle for you.

  • We’ll book a training room at an external location if there’s no suitable room available on your company’s premises. If it concerns a full day of training, we’ll arrange lunch as well.
  • We’ll send the students an email with practical information such as location, date, time and necessary laptop installations.
  • The students will receive a reminder a few days before the start of the course.
  • On the last day of the training, the students will receive an email with an evaluation form. We will elaborate on the evaluation in the last chapter of this article.
  • The students will receive the slide deck that was used during the training afterwards. They also receive the trainer’s email address in case any questions arise after the training.

This means you won’t have to bother sending emails and taking care of practical details yourself. Is there any extra information you would like the students to have? Simply contact us and we’ll take care of it for you!

Follow-up and evaluation

We know that our work isn’t done once the training has been delivered. The follow-up and evaluation after a training is just as important as the training itself.

As stated earlier, all students will receive an evaluation form via email on the last day of the training. This evaluation form will question students about their experience during the training. Did the instructor present the material in a clear way? Did the instructor have good knowledge of the subject? Do the employees feel like they can apply the knowledge they gained in their daily jobs?

We’ll report the results of the evaluation back to you to see if there are any other follow-up actions needed, e.g. an extra course, or extra exercises for students who would have liked a bit more time to practice.

Finally, we’ll also ask you about your experience with The Campus. Are you satisfied with the services we delivered? Do you have any suggestions or did you notice room for improvement? Let us know! We take your feedback to heart, and we’ll use it to keep improving our services.

You should now have a clear view on how The Campus works, and how we can help you make your life easier while selecting the right in-company training course to upskill your company’s IT department.

The Campus wants to empower IT professionals by helping them develop and expand their technical skills, so they’re ready to take the next step in their professional journey. That’s why we offer state-of-the-art training courses on relevant and innovative technologies and soft skills, delivered by experienced IT consultants who are also seasoned trainers.

Are you struggling to find the most suitable training for your organisation’s technical employees? Let us know what you’re struggling with by contacting us today. We’ll contact you asap to see how we can help!

The Campus, Charlotte Van Rompaey 3 September, 2020
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