A training is always a bit of an adventure

After two flights, I noticed that my luggage only took one. What a bummer. The friendly lady at the reception ensured me that my luggage would be taking the next flight to Poland, and that it would be delivered right at my hotel. The next challenge was finding the right bus to the train station near the hotel I was staying at. Once I arrived, I enjoyed a nice dinner, and then after a shower and a few hours of preparing for the upcoming training, I received a text message: my luggage had finally arrived at the hotel. And in that moment, I knew: this is where the adventure really starts.

Because whether it is in your home country or abroad, one thing is certain: giving a training is always a bit of an adventure. You have the opportunity to meet trainees, and each group is a unique and diverse mix of people. People who already have years of experience with the Spring Framework that is the subject of your course, but also people who graduated recently and want to prepare themselves to join the workforce.


You work together as a group to learn things. It’s not only about the course material that you explain to your trainees, or the practical labs that you do together. It’s also about the conversations you have with the trainees. Talking with people who have the same amount of experience in the field as you can be of great value. A lot of things return in an almost cyclic way in IT, so even new things can be looked at from different perspectives.

That’s what a training is all about: learning new things with your trainees, so that not only the trainees, but also the trainer learn new things to apply in their future career.

A training is always a bit of an adventure
Kristof Van Sever 29 May, 2019
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