5 Reasons to obtain an AWS Certification

People working in the IT industry have a wide array of training courses and associated certifications to choose from. It might be difficult to determine which certifications are worth your time, and which ones aren’t. Since technology moves so fast, it might seem impossible to keep up, and you ‘re often left with the feeling the knowledge and certifications you obtained will soon be outdated.

Why would you even pursue an AWS Certification, then? Is it really worth your time? We strongly believe it is. We’ll even list 6 different reasons why we think you should consider obtaining an AWS Certification.

1. Proven skills

AWS Certifications help you learn what you need to know about the AWS Cloud and demonstrate your proven knowledge of cloud computing. The AWS Certification exams aren’t particularly easy, so obtaining one means you have thorough knowledge of the subject. Your certification proves you have the needed skills, allowing you to expand into new areas and possibly even shape the direction of your company’s cloud initiatives.

2. Job opportunities

AWS Certifications can lead to more and better job opportunities, since there is a global shortage of (certified) professionals with Cloud expertise. According to the Challenges of Cloud Transformation report (2020), there is an IT talent shortage, with 86% of respondents believing this will slow down Cloud projects. Your certification indicates your commitment to cloud computing and continuous learning, which makes you a desirable candidate, and an asset to the company. 90% of organizations that employ AWS Certified IT professionals say they trust the certification process to prepare an employee for a cloud-related job (IDC, 2017).

3. Cloud confidence

AWS training contains hands-on labs, in-depth instruction, and immersion in a curriculum developed by AWS experts. After completing AWS training, whether it’s a paid classroom or free online training by AWS, you will be confident enough to apply the gained knowledge in your current or future job. An AWS Certification is the cherry on top that proves you have the skills needed to be an AWS Cloud Professional.

4. Performance

Training and certification improves employees’ performance, and therefore also their productivity. That’s quite logical: a good training hands your employees the right knowledge and tools to work smarter and more efficiently. This improves their work performance, making them more productive. AWS Certified employees thus perform at higher levels. They troubleshoot problems and complete projects faster, and they are more productive. Your management team will appreciate your ability to bring new ideas to life.

5. Global community

Once you earn your first AWS Certification, you can engage and network with a global community of cloud experts. You will get access to the AWS Certified LinkedIn community, receive invitations to exclusive events, and be allowed into the AWS Certification lounges at AWS re:Invent (a conference hosted by AWS for the global cloud computing community, featuring keynote announcements and speakers) and select AWS Summit events.

Get me AWS Certified!

Are you convinced and ready to get AWS Certified? Great! Discover AWS’ different Training and Certification Learning Paths to discover which certifications you will need to obtain for your desired role (e.g. Architect, Cloud Practitioner or DevOps Engineer), or the particular solution you want to work with (e.g. Machine Learning, security or game tech).

Any journey to a certification naturally starts with learning the right skills. One of the best ways to gain the knowledge that will be tested during the Certification exam, is by following official training courses by AWS. You can get started right now by visiting https://www.aws.training/, where you can register for a free account and browse all courses AWS has to offer.

If you’d like support from an experienced AWS professional, you can always attend one of our classroom or live online AWS training courses. All our trainers are AAI’s (Authorised AWS Instructors) with real-life experience in the field. They’re always happy to help and answer your questions!

You can also sign up for our free Get started with AWS programme. Our programme consists of a number of consecutive emails (don’t worry, we won’t spam you!) that will show you how to become an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner.

Good luck!

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