5 benefits of letting your employees obtain IT certifications

The IT industry is one of the most dynamic fields in the modern economy. Technologies are constantly changing and evolving, and new technologies keep popping up. That’s why IT certifications are so important: recruiters don’t always know the technologies they have to deal with, so they rely on certifications to decide whether a candidate is qualified for the job.

Your employees will definitely know that IT certifications are important, so chances are they will ask you for permission to obtain a certification one day. But is giving them the possibility to obtain a certification worth the investment? We firmly believe it is! Employers can profit from certified employees too. We discuss the top 5 benefits of letting your employees obtain IT certifications in this article.

1. Happy employees

Your employees will be happier, more satisfied and more engaged when you invest in their personal development. A study from Boston Consulting Group shows that learning and career development is listed sixth in the top 10 of factors that drive employee happiness. By setting aside a budget for training and certification, you show your employees that you value them, making them feel more appreciated and emotionally invested in your company.

2. Reduced turnover

As we stated earlier, supporting your employees’ personal growth and development makes them happier. When you invest in your team’s personal development by letting them obtain certifications, you show that you value them. Employees who feel valued and supported are less likely to look for job opportunities with other companies, resulting in a reduced turnover. A low turnover means you will be able to decrease the budget needed for recruitment and training new employees.

3. Attractiveness

If you’re looking to hire new employees, offering professional development opportunities such as obtaining certifications can make your company more attractive for potential candidates. Most people looking for a new job opportunity search for a company that is willing to invest in their personal development. Promoting this benefit in your job postings will help you attract talented candidates for your job openings.

4. Increased productivity and efficiency

When employees get certified, they often attend a (digital) training or self-study the course materials to gain the right knowledge for the certification exam. After taking a training, employees will have the right skills and tools available to work smarter and more efficiently. This improves their work performance, making them more productive. As a bonus, you can confidently rely on your team of certified employees to deliver consistent quality to your clients.

5. Gain your client’s confidence

Certifications are proof that your employees possess the right knowledge and skills to work on a certain project. Having certified IT professionals creates a more trustworthy face of the company to clients and customers. Encouraging employees to obtain certifications shows clients that you hold your staff to the highest professional standards, and makes them feel like they’re in safe hands.

The Campus, Charlotte Van Rompaey 14 September, 2021
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