10 reasons why you should learn the AWS Cloud

The Cloud can be a real game changer, whether you’re an individual looking to learn new skills, or a business leader looking to implement cloud services into your business. Going into the cloud has many advantages: it can enhance security, efficiency and enable faster innovation. It makes it easier for teams to work according to the principles of agile, and supports organisational change as well.

Why should you make time to learn about the AWS Cloud? Well, you need to gain the right skills and knowledge to be able to unlock the advantages listed above. When you know how the Cloud works, you can identify opportunities, while also avoiding pitfalls.

In addition, there is a global shortage of professionals with Cloud expertise. According to the Challenges of Cloud Transformation report, there is an IT talent shortage, with 86% of respondents believing this will slow down Cloud projects. Learning Cloud skills could open doors to new career opportunities, since these skills are in high demand.

These are only a few reasons why people start learning about the AWS cloud, but there are many more. In this article, we’ll list 10 good reasons why you should start learning about the AWS cloud today.

1. Flexibility

You can steer your Cloud learning experience based on your priorities. You can choose what, when and where you’ll learn. AWS offers 24/7 access to on-demand, self-paced digital training. You can find an overview of the digital courses AWS offers for free via this link. Since every individual learns in a different way, the courses include multiple media and learning modalities. They also include interactive exercises and hands-on labs.

Are you in need of more guidance during your journey into the Cloud, or is self-study not your thing? Then you can choose to attend a classroom or live online training delivered by an AAI (Authorised AWS Instructor) instead. As an AWS Training Partner, The Campus can offer official AWS training courses delivered by an experienced AWS trainer. Discover our AWS training offer here.

2. Credibility

Instructor-led AWS courses, whether held live online or in-classroom, allow you to learn from AWS experts who have real-life experience in the field. This ensures that AWS training will increase your credibility as someone who uses and makes decisions concerning Cloud services. In addition, gaining cloud skills with AWS training could also support the credibility of your entire organisation, since it can help your partners, customers or clients feel confident about your Cloud strategy as well.

3. Creativity

A strong foundation of Cloud knowledge can help you to creatively explore Cloud options. It can also help you improve solutions in order to reach organisational or personal goals. Having a solid base of cloud skills will enable you to experiment with AWS Cloud services, and help you determine which products and strategies help you reach your goals in the best way possible.

4. Guidance

If you’re struggling with finding the right place to start your journey into the AWS Cloud, you can choose to follow a learning path designed by AWS to get started quickly. The paths start off with foundational knowledge and gradually move on to intermediate training. After that, you can still dive deeper with advanced training to continue your learning. AWS offers role-based learning paths for architectsdevelopers, and operations staff (such as sysops administrators, systems administrators, and those in a DevOps role who want to learn about the AWS platform).

AWS also offers a Cloud practitioner learning path for business decision makers who want to learn the fundamentals of the AWS Cloud. If you’re interested in learning about specific AWS solutions, there are solution-based learning paths which focus on topics such as machine learningstoragedata analyticssecurity and much more. Discover all available learning paths here.

5. Breadth and depth

As you can see in the learning paths described in the previous paragraph, AWS offers you a wide range of training courses (hundreds of them!). In these courses, you’ll learn the underlying theory and vision of Cloud services, as well as the practical details of AWS service options. AWS offers a broad range of training options, from introductory to advanced courses. Whether you’re exploring new ideas, sharpening your cloud skills, or preparing to obtain a certification, AWS training courses can help you reach your Cloud goals faster.

6. Business relevance

You don’t need to be a technical IT professional to benefit from learning the basics of the AWS Cloud. By learning the AWS Cloud, you’ll gain confidence in your ability to consider Cloud options, so you’re well-informed while making business and management decisions involving the cloud. Additionally, your organisation can accelerate Cloud adoption and achieve business objectives sooner by investing in AWS Cloud training.

7. Career growth

As stated earlier in this article, there is a global shortage of professionals with Cloud expertise. According to the Challenges of Cloud Transformation report, 86% of IT decision makers believe this will slow down future Cloud projects. In a recent survey by Global Knowledge, 80% of IT decision makers said their team lacked the necessary Cloud skills.

It’s clear that Cloud skills are in high demand, and learning them could help you position yourself for different (or greater) job responsibilities, and open doors for new career opportunities. With the right Cloud skills, you can become the in-house expert who can lead the team on Cloud initiatives that will benefit your organisation.

8. Readiness

Since Cloud technology changes fast, it’s important to make sure you’re not only learning about how cloud technology works today, but also about how it will evolve in the future. AWS regularly adds new content and updates existing courses to ensure you can learn about the latest products and services. This means that you will always have quick access to the most up-to-date information on all current Cloud services.

9. Validation of skills

AWS offers the possibility to obtain a number of official AWS Certifications. The certification validates your technical Cloud expertise. It is an industry-recognized benchmark that has been proven to help professionals and organizations achieve trust from their partners and clients.

Learners who are about to take an AWS Certification exam, can benefit from AWS’ online exam preparation courses. These free courses teach you how to interpret exam questions, apply concepts which will be tested on the exam, and show you the most efficient way to spend your time studying for the exam.

10. Love your work

Perhaps the most important reason of all: making time to learn new skills keeps employees more satisfied and engaged, and keeps them passionate about what they do. A study from Boston Consulting Group shows that learning and career development is sixth in the top 10 of factors that drive employee happiness. People tend to stay longer in jobs they find rewarding, and happy employees are often the most valuable assets in any organization!


Great! You can get started right now by visiting https://www.aws.training/, where you can register for a free account and browse all courses AWS has to offer.

In need of more guidance? You can sign up for our free ‘Get started with AWS’ programme. Our programme consists of a number of consecutive emails (don’t worry, we won’t spam you!) that will show you how to become an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner.

If you’d like support from an experienced AWS professional, you can always attend one of our classroom or live online AWS training courses. All our trainers are AAI’s (Authorised AWS Instructors) with real-life experience in the field. They’re always happy to help and answer your questions!

The Campus, Charlotte Van Rompaey 16 October, 2020
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