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Sam Gooris and OptaPlanner: a cost reduction of more than 60%!

By Glenn Cich and Robin Pauwels

Everyone in Flanders knows the song “Ambiance, Ambiance” by Sam Gooris, right? Before we continue with this blogpost, let’s get musically inspired by this fantastic song from our legendary Flemish singer. We know… You either love it or hate it. In his song, our friend Sam describes a great number…

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Is your AI plotting to kill you? The dangers of AI and Machine Learning.

By Ben Vermeersch

Machine Learning and AI have become increasingly more popular over the last few years. The increase of processing power and improved hardware have made new applications in the field of AI possible, and those applications are rapidly becoming more and more human-like. This is delivering a lot of useful possibilities, …

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Learning is more than just another classroom training

By Arne Van Raepenbusch

Many organisations have difficulties designing an efficient learning plan for their employees. There often is an employee within the HR department who has the task to plan trainings for the other employees, or who writes a learning plan for different profiles within the company based on their competences, or on the basis of the …

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