Interested in becoming one of our trainers?

Then you’re in the right place. We’re always looking for enthusiastic IT-professionals who are currently working in the field and want to share their knowledge with others.


What do we expect from you?


First of all: you are passionate about your field and have a strong desire to share your knowledge with others. Networking with others inspires you and speaking for groups gives you lots of energy.


You are an IT-professional. Because The Campus wants to offer unique trainings from people who have experience in the field, it is neccessary that you are currently employed in the field of work that you want to teach. This means that being a teacher at The Campus is not a full-time job.


Unfortunately, not everyone who wants to become a teacher, is automatically also a good teacher. This means that you will have to go through a selection procedure before you can become one of our trainers. We’ll invite you to come have a chat with us to see if there’s a match.


We expect regular feedback. Especially when you’re starting as a new trainer or launching a new course, it is necessary for us that you can give us plenty of information about the course content and give feedback on our marketing material, for example. This means that we’ll invite you for meetings, call and e-mail you on a regular basis.


What’s in it for you?

We want our trainers to be able to focus on what’s really important: the training. To ensure that, we developed a package of services that we offer to all our trainers to make them feel comfortable.



You won’t feel like you have been thrown in at the deep end when you become a trainer at The Campus. If you have a strong desire to become a teacher while you have never been in front of a classroom before, we can offer you some help! We developed a trajectory for our new trainers where we show them around in our office and classrooms, and give practical tips and tricks about preparing a training and making course material, teaching techniques, follow-up after the training, and so on. We’re always there for you if you have any questions or concerns.



We are strong believers of lifelong learning, and this is not any different for The Campus’ team. In line with the saying practice what you preach, we also encourage our trainers to take part in workshops and trainings. We organise workshops and trainings about teaching and speaking for groups on a regular basis, where all our trainers can participate free of charge.



Being a trainer at The Campus also means being part of a community. Whether you want to share knowledge and experiences, pitch a new idea or just want a good conversation: our trainers are there for each other. To boost this sense of community, we organise a yearly teambuilding activity for all our trainers. Fun guaranteed!



We support our trainers in various practical ways:

Personal branding

Since we offer marketing support, this is also a chance for you to start your personal branding as a trainer and IT professional. We can offer you tips and tricks when it comes to using social media and writing blogposts, and we will re-share some of your content with our network.

Logistic and operational support

We will take care of the practical side of things, such as booking a classroom, providing printing materials or handouts, and providing lunch for you and your trainees. We also handle all forms of communication with the trainees for you: we process enrollments and payments, send out confirmation e-mails, send reminders and answer all questions regarding the course.

Marketing support

You have no idea where to start when it comes to marketing? No problem! The Campus will handle the marketing regarding your training or workshop. With your input, we’ll develop a mini content calendar to promote your activities. All we ask of you is to also share our content in your own network.

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