Meet our team.

We have a small team - there’s only four of us!

It’s no coincidence that team The Campus is rather small. Working in a small team has its advantages: it makes flexibility and responsiveness our greatest strengths! We work according to the principles of agile, making it easier for us to address our clients’ questions and concerns quickly and efficiently.

The Team.

Camille Simons, Training & Event Coordinator

Camille loves planning and organising events, which is why she decided to join team The Campus in July 2022 as a Training & Event Coordinator. Camille is responsible for organising all our training courses, learning trajectories and events. If you enroll for one of our courses, chances are high you will meet Camille when you have a question about the course!

Charlotte Van Rompaey, Digital Marketeer

Charlotte started working for The Campus in April 2019. She joined as a Marketing & Communications Officer and as Joy’s first sidekick, since there were no other colleagues at The Campus yet. She was responsible for both organising training courses and coordinating all marketing-related activities. In 2021, she organically grew into the role of Digital Marketeer, now focusing on all things marketing full-time.

Frederik Vallaeys, Education Ambassador

Ever since the start of his career, Frederik has been passionate about sharing knowledge. As the co-founder of Grasshoppers Academy, Frederik is your point of contact when you’re looking for training courses that suit Young Professionals. With his ‘can-do and will-do’ attitude, Frederik is always willing to take on a challenge! He loves to contribute ideas to find an appropriate solution for your situation.

Joy Buelens, Customer Success Manager

In short, a Customer Success Manager’s job is to keep people happy. That makes Joy the perfect person to fulfil this role for The Campus: it’s really hard not to be happy around her! Joy is unbelievably energetic and has an inexhaustible amount of enthusiasm. No challenge is too big for her - try it yourself if you don’t believe us. 

About The Campus.

We are The Campus, a training center for IT professionals. The Campus was founded in 2019 by our Managing Partner Joy Buelens, who had the opportunity to take over The Cronos Group’s training centre at the time. She seized the opportunity and renamed the company to The Campus, announcing a new chapter with a different business strategy. Joy was determined to make The Campus a success, both within and outside of The Cronos Group. 
The result is that The Campus is not your average IT training centre. The most prominent difference with classic training centres is the fact that our trainers are not on our payroll. They’re all IT consultants who are still active in the field. And that’s a big advantage: our trainers are always up-to-date with the latest trends in their industry, since they’re still in the middle of it. 

Read more on what differentiates The Campus from other training centres on our homepage.

Our little adventures.