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The Campus partnered with 2Grips to offer a selection of online Service Management trainings which allow you to learn anytime, anywhere, and at your own pace. All courses are available on whichever device you want to use (PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, ā€¦) and are very easy to access. Each course offers a rich learning experience that combines multimedia and instructional design with 24/7 tutor support throughout every course. You also have the option to get a free virtual mentor session with every course purchase to help you apply your new knowledge.


Available online Service Management trainings


These trainings show you the fundamentals of ITIL in a bigger context, with an emphasis on the business and technology world. How does ITIL work today, and how will it work in the future?

Available trainings:

  • ITIL4 Foundation

  • ITIL4 Foundation Exam

  • ITIL Intermediate Lifecycle

  • ITIL Intermediate Capability

  • ITIL Intermediate Exam

  • Managing Across the Lifecycle

  • Managing Across the Lifecycle Exam

  • ITIL Expert

VeriSM Courses

VeriSM is a new approach to service management. The online VeriSM courses will give you a clear understanding of service management and the VeriSM model and explain how an organization can incorporate many different management practices to support the delivery of services.

Available trainings:

  • VeriSM Foundation

  • VeriSM Foundation Exam

  • VeriSM Essentials

  • VeriSM Essentials Exam

  • VeriSm Plus

  • VeriSM Plus Exam


RESILIA is a portfolio of tools and training that can enable your organization to achieve best practice in cyber security. The courses take participants through a lifecycle approach to organisational cyber resilience, from creating a strategy through to operational cyber resilience activities.

Available trainings:

  • RESILIA Foundation

  • RESILIA Foundation Exam

  • RESILIA Practitioner

  • RESILIA Practitioner Exam



This online training provides an introduction to DevOps. DevOps is a set of software development practices that stresses communication, collaboration, integration and automation. This improves the flow of work between software developers and IT operations professionals.

Available trainings:

  • DevOps Foundation

  • DevOps Foundation Exam

ISO/IEC 20000

This training will introduce you in ISO/IEC 20000, the international standard for service management. After this course, you will understand the structure of the standard and key terms. You will understand what an organisation needs to do in order to be accredited to the standards.

Available trainings:

  • ISO 20000 Foundation

  • ISO 20000 Foundation Exam


This course will introduce you in OBASHI, a new methodology to allow you to really understand how your business works. Participants will learn how to work as part of an OBASHI team and will understand how OBASHI supports business strategy.

Available trainings:

  • OBASHI Foundation

  • OBASHI Foundation Exam


BRM Courses

The Business Relationship Management (BRM) course allows participants to understand the BRM role and create awareness in their organisation. They will also be able to evaluate current relationships in their business and see if there is any room for improvement.

Available trainings:

  • BRMP & Exam

  • BRMP Resit


The SIAM course covers SIAM terminology, concepts, structural elements and challenges. The course introduces you in service integration and management, including its history, business drivers, roles, challenges and the processes that support SIAM models.

Available trainings:

  • SIAM Foundation

  • SIAM Exam

Short Courses

Available trainings:

Spotlight on Kanban

This course gives an overview of Kanban, its background, how it can be used in your work and private life, and how to improve the way that you work. This course does not have an exam.

Spotlight on Process Improvement

This short course will help you to understand how to improve daily processes. It is meant for anyone wanting to learn the essentials of Process Improvement. This course does not have an associated exam.



This course allows participants to understand the governance and management of enterprise IT, to create awareness at senior levels and to decide which elements of COBIT5 will benefit their organisation.

Available trainings:

  • COBIT Foundation

  • COBIT Foundation Exam


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The Campus is an official Grips learning partner

The Campus is an official Grips learning partner